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Chiropractic For Performance

Get Back in the Game! Sports Chiropractic Care Accelerates Healing

Adjusting the elbow



Dr. Jamin utilizes groundbreaking chiropractic techniques to mobilize the bones/joints of the spine as well as all of the extremity joints after injury in the wrist, knee, ankle, elbow, and shoulder. Once these joints have been corrected, healing will proceed at an accelerated rate because the misaligned joint will no longer be impeding the motion and repair of the segment. Imagine running the day after a sprained ankle, throwing a week after separating a shoulder, or recovering from elbow tendinitis in days and playing your regular tennis or golf match.

The doctor will also use other therapies if needed including trigger point therapy, neuro-muscular stretching, myofascial release, as well as working to break up scar tissue and adhesions that form after repetitive injuries.

He also has a personal background in high level athletics as Division 1 College Baseball player and studied physical therapy which enables him to approach each player from their needed performance goals. He can offer tailored exercise plans and recovery exercises. He partners with local gyms and trainers that can coach you to your goals, whether they be sports excellence or injury prevention and quality of life!

Auto Accident Injuries


We understand the stress and pain patients are in following motor vehicle accidents. Treatment for an auto accident is significantly different from other injuries and should be conducted by a doctor who is experienced in the proper treatmet of strain/sprain injuries. Dr. Jamin has treated hundreds of patients over the past 15 years that have been the b=victim of a motor vehicle accident.  He will analyze, diagnose, and create an individualized treatment plan for whiplash and soft tissue injuries and  will thoroughly explain your treatment and update your insurance agency on your behalf. 


Chiropractic Care for Home Injury and Work Overuse



Chiropractic is most often seen as a tretament for back pain, but it can treat so much more. Headaches (Migraine, tension, stress) can be resolved or significantly reduced within days.  Text/Computer neck and upper back pain can be corrected.  Carpal Tunnel can be easily treated. Sciatic pain can be a thing of the past.

Dr. Jamin is extremely knowledgeable in spinal and chiropractic adjustments. The purpose of spinal adjustments is to return the spine to a natural state of health and to reduce pain, muscle spasms, and nerve irritation, so you can enjoy your life pain free. 

About Us

The Importance of Your Health


Dr. Jamin has been treating a myriad of injuries for the past 15yrs. His personal experience as a multi sport athlete at the high school and collegiate level, as well as treating thousands of patients, including professional athletes and high profile clients, sets him apart in the treatment of your problem.  

Experienced Knowledge


With years of experience,Dr. Jamin is capable analyzing your body and creating a custom pain relief and rehabilitation plan to benefit your health. He understands the importance of educating you on chiropractic care so that you can heal quickly. 


A Chiropractor Who Cares


Not only will he treat your existing conditions, he strives to prevent pain and illness from reoccurring. Dr. Jamin will  help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body to live your best life possible. Chiropractic to treat your sports injury in Brookhaven and sports Injury in Chamblee


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